• Flood your body with nutrition
  • Reduce bloating and sluggishness
  • Help Digestion
  • Eliminate harmful toxins
  • Rehydrate
  • Improve Energy
  • Lose Weight

Importance of Juicing

Juices are effective methods for detoxing and revitalizing the human body. Juicing should be a part of your daily routine.Pure Juicery Bar’s juice cleanse packages are the perfect way to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our juices are completely plant based-no sugar or water is ever added.

Cold-Pressed Technology

Cold-pressed juice is superior to all others because of the highly efficient extraction technique it employs to grind and hydraulically press fruits and vegetables with a lot of pressure. The nutrients are maintained because there is no oxidation or heat involved in the process.

Shelf-Life of Juices

Producing fresh, high quality juice takes significant time and effort. Juices can perish quickly because they are raw and unpasteurized. Please keep them refrigerated and shake well before drinking.

Ordering Process

All of our juices are made to order. Cold-pressed juice for 1-3 day consumption will be available at our bar. However to guarantee availability, juice cleanse packages should be pre-ordered at least 48 hours in advance of when you are preparing to begin your cleanse.

Step One

Decide Your Cleanse Length

One Day

A 1-Day Juice Cleanse can be great if you just need a quick, 24-hour revitalization. Perfect for those who are new to juicing and cleanses.

Two Day

Starting a new diet? Try the 2-Day Cleanse.

This is great for those

who occasionally cleanse.

Three Day

Get you body back on track.

Reboot and revitalize your system

with a deep, 3-Day cleanse.

Step Two

Decide Your Cleanse Type

Pure Vibrant Vitality

This cleanse is great for beginners and is ideal for those who want
great tasting and easy to drink juices.


PureSunrise. Start byflooding your system with nutrients.

Pure ABCs. Normalize blood-sugar levels with the basic ABCs.

PureFlush. Flush unwanted waste and improve circulation.

PureParadise. Get taken away withthis juice.

Pure Energy. Get energized and reduce water retention with this juice.

PureGlow. Finish the cleanse with this radiance-boosting juice.

Pure Clean Pristine

This cleanse isideal forexperienced cleansers andthose who need a major boost to get their daily recommended allowances of fruit and vegetables.

Pure Boost. Wake your body up with this juice.

PureFlush. Flush unwanted waste and improve circulation.

Pure Rejuvenation. Get the digestivesystem in gear with this juice.

Pure Refresh. Totally renew your mind and body.

Pure Roots & Fruit. Reduce sluggishness as you near the end of your cleanse.

Pure Detox. Do a final elimination of toxins and waste from your system.

Step Three

Order + Pick Up Your Cleanses

Cleanse Guide

Before the Cleanse

Before cleansing, please consult your physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, ill, elderly or taking any medications. Drink as much water as possible before starting your cleanse to maximize hydration. Eat plenty of heathy foods. Avoid processed, salty, and fatty foods.

During the Cleanse

Drink lots of water. Avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking. It is ok to continue exercising, but be mindful of how you feel if you continue with you regular activity level. Adjust your intensity if necessary. We estimate that our juice cleansing packages contain 1000-1200 calories. If you feel like you need more calories, consider an extra juice or plant-based food. We suggest that you drink the juices in place of solid food and in the order in which they are listed. Headaches are a common side effect from detoxing, especially for those who are used to consuming a lot of caffeine. As a substitute for coffee, try one of our herbal teas. If your symptoms become too uncomfortable, stop the cleanse.

After the Cleanse

Continue to drink lots of water. Drink cold-pressed juices regularly. Continue to fill your diet with plant-based foods and beverages.

Please order your package within 48 hours of when you want to start the cleanse.

All Cleanse purchases are FINAL. No refunds, exchanges, or future credits/discounts.

Juice Barista/Cashier

Desired Qualifications

-High school Diploma
-Experience in food service/retail/customer service industry
-Friendly, courteous, outgoing personality with strong interpersonal and communication skills
-Enjoy working with people and interacting with the general public
-Have a passion for and/or experience with the field of health and wellness in order to assist customers with questions and make recommendations
-Interested in, and knowledgeable about, fruit and vegetable combinations and varieties
-Able to follow strict procedures for food handling and for measuring and preparing products according to company recipes
-Able to maintain clean and sanitized workspaces in the front and back of the house
-Quick to learn POS systems
-Able to work with sharp equipment
-Able to stand for long periods of time
-Highly organized, quick learner, and good with time management
-Available to work a variety of hours-mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays



Desired Qualifications

In addition to all the Juice Barista requirements, Juicery Bar Managers should meet the following qualifications:
-1-3 years of recent experience in supervising employees in a high volume, quick service setting
-Ability to present creative ideas for marketing and promotion of the company
-Ability to create an exciting and welcoming work environment for all employees
-Experience with inventory tracking, ordering, scheduling, profit and loss review, and financial management
-Consistent record of maintaining a safe workplace by following and enforcing all health department regulations, as well as upholding all employment laws
-Be prepared to interview, hire and develop employees to ensure retention