Welcome to Pure Juicery Bar

Pure Juicery is a juice and vegan foods bar new to the Triangle. We focus on using high quality, healthy ingredients to make great tasting, ultra-premium juices, smoothies, and food. If you’re in the mood for healthy beverages, plant-based food, acai bowls, or raw treats come check us out! Our menu is 100% vegan.

Pure Juicery Bar is dedicated to creating innovative and yet powerful, plant-based menu items that make you feel good inside. We believe that life is about nurturing your mind, body and soul - and our juices and vegan food are made to help you to not only look good on the outside, but to feel great on the inside.


A juice cleanse is a gentle approach that combines fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and distilled/purified water. This provides a lot of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to help support the body’s natural cleansing processes while keeping the body adequately nourished.

Please consult with your physician before going on any type of juice cleanse. Do not undertake a juice detox if you are pregnant or nursing, if you are diabetic, suffering from kidney disease, or if you have allergies or other medical conditions.


1-Day: A 1-day juice cleanse can be great if you just need a quick, 24 hour revitalization. Perfect for those who are new to juicing and cleanses.
2-Day: Starting a new diet? Try the 2-day cleanse. This is great for those who occasionally cleanse.
3-Day: Get the body back on track. Reboot and revitalize your system with a deep, 3-day cleanse.


Pure Vibrant Vitality: This cleanse is great for beginners and is ideal for those who want great tasting and easy to drink juices.

Pure Clean Pristine: This cleanse is ideal for experienced cleansers and those who need a major boost to get their daily recommended allowances of fruit and vegetables.


Click on 'ORDER' to place the order online. Please order your package within 48 hours of when you want to start the cleanse. All clease purchases are final. No refunds, exchanges or future credits/discounts

Cleansing Guidelines

Before the Cleanse
Before cleansing, please consult your physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, ill, elderly or taking any medications. Drink as much water as possible before starting your cleanse to maximize hydration. Eat plenty of heathy foods. Avoid processed, salty, and fatty foods.

During the Cleanse
Drink lots of water. Avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking. It is ok to continue exercising, but be mindful of how you feel if you continue with you regular activity level. Adjust your intensity if necessary. We estimate that our juice cleansing packages contain 1000-1200 calories. If you feel like you need more calories, consider an extra juice or plant-based food. We suggest that you drink the juices in place of solid food and in the order in which they are listed. Headaches are a common side vega 100 effect from detoxing, especially for those who are used to consuming a lot of caffeine. As a substitute for coffee, try one of our herbal teas. If your symptoms become too uncomfortable, stop the cleanse.

After the Cleanse
Continue to drink lots of water. Drink cold-pressed juices regularly. Continue to fill your diet with plant-based foods and beverages.